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Rase teruja hari ni bile bukak web portal Maxis My Launchpad News tu tadi terpampang cerita yang aku coretkan dan hantar kat Maxis hari tu. Actually, artikel ni aku taip secara spontan – mase rase rindu kat Mak datang tetibe secara mencurah-curah ade satu malam haritu. Bukan niat ape pun, just nak share the feelings with the other readers, I guess. And to make things better + calm back again. Hmmm.. Lepas siap taip malam tu, terus aku send kat Maxis. And today, it finally published. Excited!.

Artikel Mak


Here are the full content:

Mak, Selamat Hari Raya

By Muazam Mohd Yunus

This coming 1st Syawal will mark the 297th day of my mum’s (Mak) departure forever to Allah Almighty. It will also mark our 1st Hari Raya ever without her. My Mak passed away during Hajj last year on 6 November 2010. She is buried at Ash Sharaya Cemetery, Mecca. I am still hoping that one day I will be able to bring my siblings and my Abah to visit Mak there.

I still remember, in past years, Mak would be the busiest person whenever Syawal approached. She would ensure that everything was perfect – from the living room, our bedrooms, kitchen and even toilets! I would normally get the ‘windows’ portfolio. Mak would give me rags and soap water for me to clean all the windows. She would also bake our favourite cookies – kek permaisuri and pineapple tart. My whole family- Abah and my siblings- would crave for her Raya cookies.

One the morning of the 1st of Syawal, Mak would always be the first person to wake up. She would shout out from kitchen to wake us up. (Oh God, I miss her voice!). Mak would set up all the delicacies for that holy morning. We would normally eat lemang jagung and her delicious rendang ayam for breakfast before going to the mosque.

I will definitely miss all this for this year’s Raya celebration. May my Mak rest in peace and may Allah bless her always. I miss her so much. It really hurts when I can still feel her presence, but the reality is that she isn’t here.

“Mak, Selamat Hari Raya.”

Al-Fatihah for Allahyarhamah Zainab bt. Hj. Mahyuddin,
Passed away at Mecca, 6 November 2010.

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  1. :'( such a great loss.. hilang seri raya kite lps ni..


  2. sedih baca..... and I can feel it...

    selamat Hari raya ....

  3. Cikgu, thank you for this great article. A small reminder but a huge impact dor those who still have parents. I mean, BOTH parents. I can say your article got a lot of attention by the people - by looking at tne number 'likes' via FB on top of that article.. 31 likes, beat all of the other articles. May your family stay strong and may Allah bless your beloved mom.. Selamat Hari Raya, Cikgu Muazam. Drive carefully. Send my warmest regards to your ABAH.

  4. @Kakyong: InshaAllah, kite akan same-same menghadapinya. 'Mak' akan tetap beraya bersama-sama dalam doa kite semua. Amiiin.

    @rose & @Mustapha: Syukran jzk rose for the du'a. Selamat menghabiskan sisa-sisa bulan Ramadhan ni dengan bermanfaat dan Selamat Hari Raya, in advance! :)


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